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Tubelite Photo | Finish OA Class 1 Clear Anodized

Image Courtesy of Tubelite® Inc. | T14650 Storefront & Narrow Stile Doors | Finish: OA, Class 1 Clear Anodized

Tubelite | Aluminum Storefront Hardware

Glaz-Tech Industries is proud to offer Tubelite’s eco-efficient aluminum storefront systems. Glaz-Tech’s existing glass fabrication capabilities used in conjunction with Tubelite’s aluminum hardware makes for an attractive and durable product all the while promoting a greener environment. With glass and aluminum package deals, custom fabrication, quick turnarounds and LEED all available to you is a proven commitment to quality and today’s engineering capabilities. Its essential to have choices but even better trusting in a brand that delivers solutions for unique commercial applications.

Advantages of Glaz-Tech's Glass & Aluminum Hardware Packages

Today’s market is in high demand for quality assurance and above all the time necessary to complete projects on time and efficiently. Glaz-Tech Industries offers package deals so that you can plan accordingly and concentrate on your customers requests. Let Glaz-Tech’s fabrication line, design implementation and logistics speak for your work and your time. Take full advantage of services such as :

  • Standard Storefront Aluminum Products
  • Custom Fabricated Aluminum Products
  • Center Glazed Storefront Material
  • Glass Fabrication & Tubelite Aluminum Package Deals
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • LEED Points Upon Request
  • Delivery to Job Sites
  • Made in the USA
TubeLite EcoLuminum

Product & Stock Availability

Glaz-Tech Industries makes it hassle free by offering a packaged system so that you can prioritize and finish your projects on time and accurately. Order a complete fabricated storefront system through Glaz-Tech by simply providing sizes, quantities, description of the system and Glaz-Tech will take care of the rest. Let Glaz-Tech Industries be your one-stop source for complete fabrication of glass and aluminum hardware.

Notes to Consider

Center Glazed Storefront Material

  • 1 3/4" x 4 1/2"
  • 2" x 4 1/2"
  • 2" x 4 1/2" Thermal Break

Anodized Finishes

  • Clear Class 1 C2
  • Dark Bronze Class 2
Narrow Style Doors from Tubelite Narrow Stile Doors are designed for light to medium use in commercial and retail applications. Standard doors have exterior installation of glass or panels, with 2-1/8" width stiles and top rails, and the option of 4", 7-1/2" or 10" bottom rails for ADA compliance. The smooth design of Tubelite’s door hardware features a convenient pull handle and push bar with lock location 36” above the finished floor. Stock doors and frames are anodized with clear or dark bronze finishes, and readily available for quick delivery. - Tubelite
Tubelite 4500 4500 Series Storefront framing is ideal for a wide variety of interior or low-rise exterior applications. Profiles of 1-3/4" x 4-1/2" are designed for 1/4" to 3/8" exterior glazing, and can be assembled by screw spline or clip joinery. The roll-in gasket is easy to install at the interior and exterior of the glass. The 1-3/4" framing is compatible with Tubelite Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile Doors. - Tubelite
Tubelite 14000 For optimal strength and thermal performance, use Tubelite’s 14000 Series Storefront, a flush glazed system for use on storefront and low-rise applications. Framing is available in standard thermally-improved or non-thermal members with 2" x 4-1/2" profiles, and a 1/2" bite for use with glass or panels up to 1" thick. Extra-heavy intermediate verticals are available for high performance against strong windloads. - Tubelite