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WaterJet Glass Fabrication

Water Jet Glass Fabrication

Glass fabrication methods have gotten more complex with new design requirements from architects, CAD developers, shower enclosure designers and project managers. Glaz-Tech is a glass fabricator that provides fast, reliable, and accuracy through state-of-the-art cutting system technology. Water Jet technology, utilizing jet stream technology, forces water through a small nozzle at extremely high pressures. It's versatility, function, and efficiency is all managed through our CAD operating software which in turn delivers a high quality glass product. Essential for shower doors, shower enclosures, entrance doors and systems, desktops, mirrors, glass rails, door panels and more. Rely on professionals that focus on precision glass fabrication.

Custom Fabrication

Glass fabrication efficiency is and will always be a key component when delivering product that is fabricated with precision. Nonetheless, Glaz-Tech Industries is always looking for innovative ways to deliver accurate results with advanced glass fabrication technology and cutting services. Glaz-Tech's WaterJet Technology has delivered successfully on that key component, precision. It's features, although extremely versatile, is accompanied by several features such as :

  • 72" x 120" bed size for maximum cutting potential.
  • Jetstream feature makes it extremely versatile and capable of cutting through complex shapes.
  • Compatible with your CAD drawings to enhance cutting accuracy.
  • Accurate cutting for all your holes, shapes, notches, CAD drawings, and much more.
  • Distinction between glass variables to provide quality cutting precision.
  • Cutting Accuracy + - .01mm.
  • Motion control coordinated.
  • Versatility enhanced with CAD programming to cut at indicated measured coordinates.
Water Jet Dolphine Glass Fabrication