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Laminated Glass Fabrication by Glaz Tech Ind

Laminated Glass Safety & Security Applications

Glaz-Tech offers a broad range of safety and security features with laminated glass applications. Taking the appearance of monolithic glass, this durable application provides additional security over any other type of glass. Its glass configurations are created primarily for government buildings, banks, hospitals and storefronts among others. Glaz-Tech's laminated glass can be fabricated to its simplest form of security to bullet or blast resistant applications. In case the visual appearance is of any concern, Glaz-Tech provides several color schemes such as clear, gray, bronze, 28% bronze, green and white. Please review any additional features which may be suitable to your projects.

Laminated Process & Color Availability

Laminated Glass Diagram

Energy Control

  • Use of laminated glass with a tinted interlayer reduces heat gains from sunlight.
  • Interlayer can also be blended with tinted and coated glass to increase efficiency.
  • Reduces energy costs.

UV Control

  • Laminated glass may block up to 99.9% of UV rays that are inherent in sunlight.
  • The PVB interlayer provides control of UV rays that damage draperies, art and furnishings.

Sound Control

  • Laminated glass significantly reduces noise transmission.
  • The viscoelastic properties of the interlayer along with its glass layers provides a dampening effect on unwanted noise.

Design & Availability

  • Low E Coatings
  • Tinting options
  • Monolithic or insulated glass
  • Custom shapes and sizes