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Infinite Dimensions | Dolphin Glass Shaped Handles

Infinite Dimensions | Custom Glass Handles and Enclosures

Flat glass has one very obvious feature, it is flat. You can add texture to your glass, but you have seen them all and they look generic. With Glaz-Tech Industries’ new Infinite Dimensions, you can add life to an otherwise dull partition, or glass entrance or shower door. Using simple stand-offs, Glaz-Tech will provide your basic project with that extra dimension, giving new life to an old system.

With Infinite Dimensions you can update the look of your existing shower doors by adding a unique design to the handle. You can also change out a panel and update it with our growing catalogue of specialty shapes, or even let us custom-design one for you.

Infinite Dimensions Availability

Glaz-Tech's line of Infinite Dimensions is available in 3/8" glass with the following types of glass and textures :

  • Clear
  • Flash
  • Glacier
  • Krystal Storm
  • Rain
  • Satin Etch
  • Bronze
  • Gray

Infinite Dimensions is a tempered glass product that has been accurately fabricated with Glaz-Tech's Water Jet Technology. The distance of the fabricated holes are specially made for 6" or 8" C-Pull Kits. Handles, and your choice of shape, are mounted on 3/4" standoffs to ensure a proper sealed mount.

Hardware is available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Additional notes for existing or new shower door enclosures :

  • Retrofit Pulls - 1/2" diameter holes are fabricated for a 6" or 8" pull. A minimum of 3" is required for an Infinite Dimension shape away from the edge of the door.
  • Review specifications for a non-retrofit Infinite Dimension shape. Glass enclosure must be aligned with the fabricated holes on your Infinite Dimension shape of choice and still meet a minimum of 3" away from the edge of the door.

Architectural & Interior Applications

Infinite Dimensions does not necessarily mean that it can be used as a handle. Glaz-Tech’s diverse product line extends to different creative and professional outlets such as architectural and interior applications. Glaz-Tech’s design and fabrication capabilities helps you savor your creativity with precise craftsmanship. Let Infinite Dimensions transpire from your ideas and breathe life into new creative dimensions.

Visit Glaz-Tech's image gallery for projects utilizing Infinite Dimensions and Water Jet Fabrication Technology.

Infinite Dimensions | Mountain Scape Infinite Dimensions Custom Shaped Glass