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ClimaGuard Low E Glass for Windows

Guardian ClimaGuard® Low E

Glaz Tech offers energy efficient low-e glass for residential windows and insulated glass units. When inquiring about savings, energy efficiency, and most importantly performance, Glaz-Tech answers with Guardian's ClimaGuard® Low-E (RLE). Whether you want to remain cool when it's hot outside or warm when it's cold outside, Glaz-Tech Industries line of residential low-e glass products keeps you comfortable in any climate. The primary focus of low-e is to improve your home's energy efficiency while keeping a comfortable living environment. Glaz-Tech's vast line of ClimaGuard® Low-E Glass enables you to choose an insulated glass unit ( IG ) that not only performs against solar energy but regulates a consistent comfortable environment all the while having a positive impact on your energy costs.

Comfort. Performance. Design.

Glaz-Tech Industries is dedicated in providing product that adheres to different types of environments, vulnerabilities, and energy performance. That's why Glaz-Tech provides ClimaGuard's™ top energy efficient low-e glass product that conforms to your requirements.

Glaz-Tech's Line of ClimaGuard Products for Energy Efficiency

Product Visible Transmittance UV U-Value Winter SHGC
RLE 55 / 27
55 18 0.29 .28
RLE 70 / 36
70 30 0.29 .37