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Cardinal Low E Commercial

Cardinal Commercial Low-E

In addition to Glaz-Tech's prominent line of low-e products, Cardinal Low-E 270 and 366 are offered as alternate solutions that contribute to a balance of thermal efficiency and visibility. Cardinal's Low-E 270 and 366 have been developed to counter against summer's scorching and winter's rigid temperatures. These thermal characteristics allow for year round energy savings, promotes indoor comfortability and doesn't compromise the amount of visibility of your windows.

Thermal Low E Efficiency

Low-E Features & Advantages

  • Insulated unit in conjunction with Cardinal Low-E coatings help promote energy conservation and savings.
  • Provides balance for light visibility and thermal performance.
  • Outpeforms windows with tinted glass configurations without compromising light visibility.
  • Optimized thermal control for hot or cold climates with visual clarity.
  • Optimized thermal control for hot or cold climates with visual clarity.
  • Reduces ultraviolet light transmission considerably when compared to standard clear insulated units.
  • Rejects sun's heat during the summer and reflects heat indoors during winter.

Cardinal Low-E Peformance

1/4" Cardinal Low-E #2 Surface | 1/2 A.S. | 1/4" Clear

Low-E Type Visible Transmittance UV U-Value Winter SHGC
Cardinal 270 69 13 .29 .36
Cardinal 366 63 4 .29 .28
Cardianl 340 38 2 .29 .19
Standard Clear (No Low-E) 80 51 .47 .74

Contact your local GTI Sales Representative for Cardinal product availability and further specifications.
To see a comparison low-e chart and also performance against standard clear, please feel free to download our brochure.