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Glaz-Tech In Baton Rouge, LA is Now a Certified Guardian Select® Fabricator

Posted: 7/14/2023

Glaz-Tech Industries is pleased to announce its recent certification as a Guardian Select® Fabricator for SunGuard products. This certification highlights Glaz-Tech's unwavering commitment to excellence and service in the glass industry. As a Guardian Select® Fabricator, Glaz-Tech will extend its glass products which includes energy-efficient glass, low-e high performance solutions, and insulated glass fabrication options. With this certification, customers can rely on Glaz-Tech to deliver the highest quality glass products that meet today's stringent standards for energy efficiency and performance.

What Does This Mean for You

Low-E Availability Coming Soon

Please feel free to contact our customer service representatives should you have any questions in regard to our product listing, availability, or performance configurations.


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