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DiamondGuard AntiScratch Mirror

DiamondGuard® Mirror - Protecting An Investment

DiamondGuard's patented process allows for add it it ion al protection and lasts 10 times longer than ordinary mirror. Its engineered process sustains a longer life cycle and powerful scratch resistant capabilities. It makes it an ideal use for a wide range of commercial and residential applications which can include tabletops, bars, counters, railings and rest rooms. Its innovative application makes it an investment worth protecting while still retaining your mirror's crisp and reflective elegance.

Mirror Characteristics

  • Scratch resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly reflective
  • Superior ferric chloride resistance
  • Reduces occurrence of black edge corrosion
  • True image reflectance with virtually no distortion
  • Engineered to prolong the life and beauty of glass
  • Used for protection and durability
  • Decorative edge options : beveled or polished
  • Superior performance in Copper Accelerated Salt Spray (CASS) test
  • Available in clear 1/4" mirror. Other glass thickness may be available upon request.